Customer Acquisition Prospecting System

Who are we?

The founders of JGOBuzz have over 60 years of combined experience in the Network Marketing arena on both the distributor and corporate side with expertise ranging from Field Trainer to Master Distributor to Network Marketing Company C.E.O. to Owner. We have done it all!.

Shawn Wheeland

Shawn Wheeland

Chief Operating Officer

Hitesh Rawal

Hitesh Rawal

Chief Technology Officer

Mary K

Mary K

Chief Marketing Officer

Why was this Customer Acquisition Prospecting System created?

We created this Customer Acquisition Prospecting System (C.A.P.S.) exclusively to support the the members of the JGOBuzz Team (Downline).

Significant capital investment and a team of world class programmers working directly with Jeunesse Global®, have put in countless hours of work to bring this System to life.

How does it work?

Participating JGOBuzz team members purchase a monthly membership position in the C.A.P.S. The revenue generated from these membership positions is then used to pay for various online advertising campaigns to drive potential customers to our website offering FREE samples of Jeunesse Global® products.



The Print example above is an advertorial piece featuring our own JGOBuzz Brand Ambassador, former Supermodel, Susan Miner. Susan is an integral part of our System and will be the host of our celebrity product endorsement videos.

Susan Miner

The online advertising leads to a website sign-up page and “Funnel” that offer these free samples, as well as discounted full versions of the samples.


These full versions are referred to as product “Upsells”. Commission is paid on the upsell sales as well as creating the associated Personal Group Volume (PGV) that posts into the Members’ Jeunesse Global account (as per the Jeunesse Global Distributor Compensation Plan).

As the number of JGOBuzz C.A.P.S. participants and revenue grows, money will also be used to pay for celebrity video endorsements of these same products.


This Combination of Celebrity Endorsement and
Free Samples is a Unique Offering in
the Network Marketing Arena

How are customers shared in the C.A.P.S.?

Customers are shared on a true Round Robin basis. We are NOT selling individual leads or customers.

When a person fills out the customer information form on the website, it creates an account in our system that attaches that person to the next JGOBuzz team member in the rotation. Then the next person who fills out the form attaches to the next JGOBuzz team member, and so on . . .

Think of having a position like having a seat on a Ferris Wheel.

If the person goes on to order the free sample (or discounted “Upsell”), a customer account and order is then created and fulfilled directly by Jeunesse Global®.

Will I have a separate "Virtual Office" on JGOBuzz?

Yes! Each member of the C.A.P.S. will receive a JGOBuzz virtual office. This custom built virtual office provides many tools to track your business, including customer information and where the customer came from (your direct personalized URL, or the C.A.P.S. advertising), and order information (such as if they ordered the “Upsell”).

Will I have a my Own Personalized "Direct" Website URL?

Yes! A Personalized "Direct" Website URL is provided so you can do your own personal sharing or advertising through any form of communication/social media that you wish.

PS: Check the URL to see the Jeunesse Global Distributor Name.


How much does it cost to join?

It is FREE to Join!. Simply verify that you are a member of the JGOBuzz Team (Downline) at signup. Even if you do not participate in the Customer Acquisition Prospecting System (C.A.P.S.), you will still receive your JGOBuzz Virtual Office (which also includes your personalized website URL).

How Much Does a Position in the C.A.P.S. Cost?

Each Postion in the C.A.P.S. "Round-Robin" costs $129.95 Per Month (per rolling 30 days from your enrollment date). You may cancel at any time.

Have Questions about the JGOBuzz C.A.P.S.?

If you have additional questions related to the JGOBuzz Customer Acquisition Prospecting System, please
visit our FAQ page.

Please Note

  • If you choose NONE for the number of C.A.P.S. Position(s), you will NOT share in the advertising round robin.

  • Only members who pay for C.A.P.S. position(s) will receive a portion of the customers generated by the JGOBuzz advertising System.

  • To VERIFY that you in the JGOBuzz Team (Downline) and are eligible to participate in our System, simply enter your Jeunesse Global® Username on the Signup form.

  • Customers who come through the JGOBuzz advertising have agreed to be contacted by a JGOBuzz Team Member.

  • The team at JGOBuzz has also put together a follow up system on your behalf to educate customers on all the world class Jeunesse® products, pricing options, and the many benefits of becoming a Jeunesse Global® Member.

  • This truly is a Revolutionary Customer Acquisition Prospecting System!

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