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Beauty Trick of the Century Revealed by a Supermodel

By Meagan Swanson, J1 Network News
Updated 1:18 PM ET, Sun April 22, 2018

Florida (JNN) - Ever wonder how some women don't seem to age? Just look at international supermodel, Susan Miner. Revlon named her one of the "Most Unforgettable Women in the World." Her stunning face has been on all the big fashion magazine covers from Vogue to Elle, plus dozens more around the globe and she's been the face for major fashion brands like Gucci.

You'd never know it looking at her, but Susan Miner is 50 years old. Her skin looks flawless, smooth, firm, and beautiful. Want to know her secret?

Susan recently revealed one of the top beauty tricks in her Secret Beauty Vault and it doesn't involve costly or painful facelifts or surgeries that take loads of time to recover from. It works so well that all of Hollywood has been snapping it up to look red carpet-ravishing every day!

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Susan Miner Tells All About the Beauty Trick of the Century!

Wish you could look as amazing as Susan Miner at the age of 50?

There's no need to keep pining because you can get in on her ultimate beauty trick recommendation. It's no secret that she's a go-to guru when it comes to recommending amazing beauty products. And finally, the secret is out about this beauty trick that will instantly smooth your face to look years younger, and keep it that way all day.

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For 6 to 9 hours you too can look as flawless as Susan Miner and all of the Hollywood elite. Jeunesse's Instantly Ageless® quickly creates a luminous and smoother appearance you'll love.

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